Experience "Mother Nature" - with an Attitude

"Geezer Grits"

That's right, folks. Geezer Brand products are pleased and proud to announce the availability of the "Millenium Fibre". ......If you want a "Swing" in your step like the "Swing Geezers", visit the Kiosk of Swing to pick up your free sample of "Geezer Grits".

Geezer Grits are made from only the very finest select bark and cedar shavings, resulting in a consumable product like no other. As part of a new series of Geezer Brand Mulch Munchies "Geezer Grits" is guaranteed to be made entirely from ingredients. - As you would expect from Geezer Brand products.


"Talk about fibre, It's like eating 20 ft. of rope and a pair of socks" --"Whopper" Bob de Wolff.

Geezer Grits - No animals or vegetable matter was abused in the preparation of Geezer Grits.

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