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For those of you who have the slightest interest in such things I have posted a few pictures of my wife Jo and some of our favorite toys.

My lovely wife Jo. Doesn't she make a terrific cowgirl???

Me after big weight loss ---- 150 lbs... 20 more to go!!

My lovely wife Jo and our MG at the All British Field Meet Vernon, BC '97 (second Place winner)

Joey and her MGB-GT - "Dr. Jazz", Just after we picked it up.

Another Picture of Joey and her MGB-GT, same day.

Joey and the MGA, Just before the restoration started.

My BMW on the "Going to the Sun Road", Glacier, Montana.

My 1972 Norton Commando Interstate....Much fun!!!!

New '14 Triumph T-100 Limited Edition
A slightly more modern motorcycle - with a vintage look. This thing actually handles extremely well. And is comfortable over a few hundred miles

'14 Audi S5 Cabriolet!! Not as fast as the Vette, but much fun. Very quick with a drop top and is a lovely touring car.

New '10 Road Glide - in Red, if you can't tell. A true Geezer Glide
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